WATCH: The Wonderful and Strange Trailer for the Unauthorized Film About Tupac

Chinese laws won’t allow any social  media for the film, so take advantage of this sneak peek. 

The life and violent death of rapper Tupac Shakur still fascinates fans and while we’ve been waiting for an official film about him for some time now, it doesn’t seem to be happening in the U.S. any time soon. 

Until the day comes when we get to watch Tupac’s tale on the big screen stateside, this unauthorized film from China called Until the End of Time will have to do. The plot of the film, which stars California actor Tsalta Baptiste as Tupac, is broken down as such:

“A young hip-hop influenced college student in China is required by his professor to research American Civil Rights and Activism. In choosing Renascence (sic) man Tupac Shakur, he finds himself learning more than expected. After meeting a former girlfriend of Mr. Shakur in China, things take a turn from just another class project to a life changing event.”

Until the End of Time is in its finishing stages and is set for a first run release in Chinese film festivals starting early next year.  Complex reports that Chinese law won’t allow social media for the film, so make a note in your calendar to look for this on iTunes or something in a couple months.