Trent Reznor Confirms New Music Is Coming From Nine Inch Nails

“We will unleash it upon the world.”

trent reznor

Reznor, right, with collaborator Atticus Ross. (Photo: Rommel Demano/Getty Images)

When Trent Reznor recently teased that new tracks were coming from Nine Inch Nails he wasn’t telling a terrible lie. On Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, the alt-rock icon confirmed that NIN have new music that is coming soon. 

“We’ve been working on Nine Inch Nails stuff,” Reznor said. “Things are going good, and when we have something that we think is excellent we will unleash it upon the world.”

He didn’t spill on the sounds fans can expect, but no Nine Inch Nails album is exactly the same. The band’s previous album, 2013’s Hesitation Marks, maintained all the existential anguish and rage we know and love but toned down its trademark industrial-metal sound in favor of a lighter, more electro-pop vibe. 

Until the still-undetermined release date of their new music (he previously said sometime in 2016), Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross had a part in scoring Before the Flood, Leonardo DiCaprio’s upcoming climate change documentary.

One of their haunting songs for the film, “A Minute to Breathe,” can be heard below:

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