You Can Buy a Letter Tupac Wrote in Jail for $225K

In it the departed rapper expresses his wish to leave the thug life behind him. Read it in full here. 

Tupac Shakur was forcibly shuffled off this mortal coil in 1996, but he has remained very much present in the minds (and blog posts) of media culture. Aside from the various conspiracy theories revolving around his being shot to death in Las Vegas after attending a Tyson boxing match with friend Suge Knight,  people remain just as fascinated with his life as they are with the details surrounding his death.

A five-page essay that Tupac wrote to Nina Bhadreshwar​, editor of a magazine called Death Row Uncut, in the form of a letter is being sold on an auction site called Moments in Time for a projected $225,000. The essay details the rapper’s views on the rites of passage for young black men in America. If you’re a die-hard fan, maybe this is something that would be an investment for you, but if you’re looking to feed your curiosity without letting loose of your life savings, you can read the essay in full here:

h/t Complex

Photos by Instagram/2pac