Give it Up for These Tortoises That Had Sex At New York Fashion Week

Fashion doesn't have to be boring.
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While not many people get to attend the ultra-exclusive New York Fashion Week, two African tortoises managed to snag an invite, be in a show, and have sex on stage.

The reptilian lovers were obviously really turned on by Mathieu Mirano’s desert-inspired collection, and felt an overwhelming desire to copulate during the fashion show. And they did not hold back. The 200-pound male tortoise chased the other, smaller lady tortoise around models in evening gowns, got on top of her, and got busy.

Luckily, the designer himself was flattered by the fact that his collection inspired such strong emotions in at least one of the invitees. He told Page Six, “I’m delighted my collection inspired such amorous behavior – regardless of species. If they have kids, they should name one ‘Mathieu.'”

h/t Page Six

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