Twenty-Five Years After “Pretty Woman,” Hollywood’s Ten Most Beautiful Women of the Night

These woman elevated the phrase “Hey, Mister” to art.

There was a time when—at least in the minds of a snooty, prudish upper class—acting and prostitution were two names for the same vocation. To a Victorian eye gazing past an upturned nose, a woman whose income was tied to her physicality, allure and ability to generate spectacle was a prostitute, apart from any artistic motivations. Luckily, our ideas have evolved: these days, film is an art form, and actresses are some of the most respected celebrities in the world. Proof? For her turn in thigh-highs, Julia Roberts won a Golden Globe and snagged an Oscar nomination. Thank God attitudes have changed, or we might never have seen these stellar, sexy performances. If you’re looking for a good time… click through.