The Twerk Heard ‘Round The World & 4 Other Things You May Have Missed!

Social media commentator Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending this week. [Aug 24 – Aug 30]

[1] Twitter released a graph that shows the tweeting activity during the MTV VMA’s. 2013 Maxim Hot 100 #1 Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s performance spiked the highest.

Something tells me the rise in the graph didn’t spike as quickly as the rise in

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Robin Thicke’s pants


[2] A 105-year-old woman with the distinction of being the oldest user on Facebook got a new car from a mystery donor.

Whoever put this plucky old broad behind the wheel must be looking to speed toward an inheritance, should the super senior make a wrong turn…


Facebook released a transparency document detailing

the “Global Requests Report” that revealed 74 countries’ requested data on a total of over 37,954 suspect Facebook users.

37,954… why does that number sound so familiar?  Oh yeah – it’s the same number of times I’ve been asked if I will get a friend-of-a-friend onto the set of


photo shoot. For the 37,



  time – NO!


The Canadian military is developing a stealthy snowmobile that will be part combustion- and part electric-powered, and will have a price tag of $600,000 per vehicle.

With this type of cash dedicated to snowmobiles, I would like to offer the Canadian Military a $50,000


cup holder attachment I patented right after reading this story. Call me!

[5] The hairy chick from The Ring, along with three members of her posse, took the mound in Japan to throw out the first pitch, which is now being called the creepiest first pitch ever.

That may be the creepiest first pitch in Japan, but here in the States, Ba-Ba Booey’s pitch is still somehow way creepier.

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