Women Twerking On Moving Cars Is The Bizarre Trend You Never Knew You Needed

This gives a whole new meaning to “junk in the trunk.”

In the Miami-Dade area, or the “305” as Pitbull calls it, some brave young women are risking their lives just so they can furiously twerk atop moving cars. 

A passerby recently filmed this ass-twitching hero twerking atop a rapidly-moving vehicle. It was sort of like that scene in Footloose when the chick stands between two moving cars, except with a whole lot more booty-shaking. 

Cocaine Cowboys director Billy Corben, a longtime Miami resident who captured the video, even mused about the bizarre new trend in an interview with the Miami New Times. . 
“For anyone who thought that twerking had its moment and now it’s gone, that is clearly not the case,” Corben said. “As social media has taught us, twerking is forever; it is a timeless tradition.” Amen!

In yet another sighting, a bikini-clad beachgoer seized her chance to twerk on top of a police ATV. The officer promptly shoves her off the vehicle, a flagrant case of unchecked police brutality…all because our girl had the biological urge to get her twerk on. 


A third video demonstrates how to twerk while taking the necessary precautions. Watch this bodacious beauty stand up in a stationary car and twerk outside the sunroof while passengers awarded her rapidly-shaking bottom a few encouraging slaps, likely for her dedication to safety. 

So there you have it, car twerkers are definitely taking over Miami. Next stop…Washington?

H/T Huffington Post