Twin Brothers’ Reaction to Phil Collins’ Classic ‘In The Air Tonight’ Goes Viral

“Y’all didn’t prepare us for that!”

Youtube screengrab

Sometimes a video goes viral for the right reasons. This is one of those times. Tim and Fred Williams are 21-year-old twins based in Gary Indiana and they run the Youtube Channel “Twins the New Trend.” They’ve been taking cues from their viewers’ comments and expanding their music choices with a series of “First Time Hearing” reaction videos.

The twins already had something of a following from the good-natured, funny, and friendly vibe they put out with each video, but they went straight-up viral with their first listen to Phil Collins’ 1981 megahit, “In the Air Tonight.”

It was the song’s iconic drum fill—considered one of the greatest drumming moments in rock history by some—that really did it for the Williams brothers. “Y’all didn’t prepare us for that,” Tim Williams said later in the video, addressing their subscribers.

They were already enjoying the song before that epic moment, Tim commenting that it was “like a WWE entrance.”

“I can see somebody walking down to the ring with this,” he said. 

Fred immediately downloaded it onto his phone.

While the brothers already had a couple hundred thousand subscribers to their channel, the tweet above was what really triggered their viral moment, with many quoting it and commenting on how “wholesome” the clip is.

The Williams brothers, who live with their mom in Gary, have also reacted to oldies like Dolly Parton‘s masterpiece “Jolene,” which they loved for Parton’s storytelling ability, and Luciano Pavarotti’s rendition of “Nessun dorma” from the opera Turandot, which found them admiring the late tenor’s golden pipes but unsure how to react otherwise.

Parton couldn’t help but take notice of the video and tweeted it from her official account, writing, “No point in begging…Jolene already stole these two.”

The Williams twins update their channel on a regular basis and their positivity, enthusiasm, and openness are hard to beat for an uplifting yet somehow never corny diversion at a time when—more than ever—people might need to forget the world outside for a moment and enjoy something uncomplicated and uplifting.