Twitter Is Outraged Over This Ronda Rousey ‘SNL’ Skit

Did Rousey go too far as a teacher who has sex with an underage student?


In case you hadn’t realized, we dig Ronda Rousey. There is something almost taboo about falling for a woman who could beat the holy hell out of us.

But some are saying Rousey breached too extreme a taboo in a sketch during her turn hosting Saturday Night Live.

Rousey appeared in a skit as a teacher who, alongside fellow teacher played by Cecily Strong, is put on trial for having a threesome with a student. When the “victim,” Pete Davidson, takes to the witness stand to relay the event, things take an unexpected turn.

Namely, everyone fails to see what the problem is and instead gives Davidson a collective pat on the back. In short order, things go from court case to full-on celebration. 

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The skit wasn’t anything too daring, as this scenario has been played out in comedy a million times over. 

It’s well known that society has a double standard when an underage male student has sex with a female teacher, and comedy loves to poke fun at this. Nonetheless, the skit sparked quite a bit of anger on Twitter.

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So, did Rousey go too far? Or are you hot for teacher?  

h/t Uproxx