Hell Yes, We’re Getting TWO Jurassic World Sequels

Hold onto your butts!

Much like the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park franchise, it seems like the Jurassic Park franchise itself will never actually go extinct.

After Jurassic Worldgrossed more than $1.5 billion worldwide, it was announced a sequel starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard would be released in 2018. The people who make tentpole blockbusters are better at planning ahead than anyone else, it seems — and it’s been revealed that there’s more coming our way. During a roundtable interview at The Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley said that we’re not just getting one Jurassic World sequel — we’re getting two.

Director “Colin Trevorrow is busy working on an outline. He’s been working with Steven [Spielberg]. And they have an idea for the next two movies, actually. It was designed as a trilogy, unbeknownst to us. It’s a happy surprise.”

Twice as many CGI dinosaurs for us, twice as much money for Universal Pictures. Everybody wins! 

h/t Vulture