Watch Tom Cruise Stage a Bone-Busting Prison Break in New 'Jack Reacher' Clips

It's been a while since we've seen Cruise kick this much ass.
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In less than two weeks, audiences around the world will witness Jack Reacher doing what he does best: Punching people so unrealistically hard that we're surprised their heads manage to stay attached.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back follows Tom Cruise's titular badass four years after the original film, where the ex-Army Major-turned-investigator finds himself and a former associate (Age of Ultron's Cobie Smulders) as fugitives in the midst of a crazy government conspiracy.

To keep the hype going ahead of the film's release, Paramount Pictures dropped two new clips from Never Go Back. While the first is simply an extended look at footage teased during the original trailer, the second features some quick thinking (and solid ass kicking) during a violent prison break. Watch them both here. 

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back makes its way into theaters October 21st.