Heavyweight Champ Tyson Fury Ridicules Wladimir Klitschko For Losing to a ‘Fat Man’

Now that’s how you talk trash.


World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was called a “disgrace,” a “fat man” and a “lazy Gypsy with a loud mouth” at Tuesday’s press conference ahead of his upcoming rematch with Wladimir Klitschko.

If you know anything about Fury, you won’t be surprised to hear that he said all of that about himself. “If the super champion can’t land on a big, fat, lazy Gypsy with a loud mouth, what kind of super champion is he? He must be a shit one,” Fury said in a bizarre press conference that saw him pull off his shirt and show off a doughy physique. 

This is Fury’s gimmick. He’s a brash, over-the-top personality who can be an entertaining goon but sometimes says the wrong things. But the man’s a showman; it’s part of his charm. He showed up at a press conference before last year’s fight with Klitschko wearing a Batman costume. After he beat the longtime champ by unanimous decision, he snatched a microphone and sang Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” to his pregnant wife. Dude’s weird. 


Born to a family of Irish Travellers, Fury has called himself the “king of gypsies” and said he’ll never turn down a fight. Not because he loves boxing, but because he loves that paper. 

“I don’t take boxing seriously. It’s mainly about caring about making money and putting food on the table,” he said. “I hate speaking to all you idiots. But I’m just too fucking good at boxing to stop. And I’m making too much money.”

All of which, Fury says, makes the fact that he beat Klitschko all the more ridiculous. “You might be going down as a Hall of Fame fighter but you are hall of dogshit fighter in my eyes,” he said. 

Let’s just hope all this trash talk makes the rematch more watchable than the wretchedly boring first bout.