This Stone Gaming Setup For Ubisoft Could Make Your Man Cave an Actual Cave

The chair still has to be a La-Z-Boy though.

Ubisoft is known for their wacky promos, for Far Cry 4 they flew the winner of a contest to Nepal to play the game on Mt. Everest, and Far Cry Primal continues the tradition. They’ve already run a contest to spend a night in a cave, and now they’re taking the PlayStation 4 back to the stone age with these awesome stone carvings.

Stone mason Nick Roberson lovingly crafted stone carvings of a PlayStation 4 console and controller, a TV, and even pizza to commemorate the launching of Far Cry Primal. “This project was undertaken to highlight the vast landscape and rich setting of the Stone Age era in Far Cry Primal,” stated Ubisoft PR manager Tom Goldberger. I don’t know exactly how or if they accomplished all that, but Far Cry Primal looks to be the most interesting entry in the series to date. 

You can play Far Cry Primal on February 23 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and March 1 for PC.