Conor McGregor And Ronda Rousey Among 250 Fighter ‘UFC 2’ Roster

Who you got?

EA’s first UFC game, released in summer of 2014, hit shelves with a respectable roster of 97 fighters. Its sequel, which will be out next month, blows that out of the water

UFC 2 will come with a roster that’s a staggering 250 fighters deep. There are superstars from today and yesterday, up and coming nobodies, people who never entered an MMA fight in their life and a man who once declared his desire to eat children on live television

The sheer number of fighters is obviously an improvement, but even more significant is the increase in women. The game’s first iteration had a grand total of seven female fighters. UFC 2 will come loaded with 20. 

EA’s roster announcement comes a couple days after the first peek at its knockout mode—a face-pummeling new feature that removes all grappling from the game. 

It’s all about trading blows until someone’s legs give out. With two versions of Iron Mike available, knockout mode in UFC 2 is the closet thing we’re getting to a Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and that’s something worth getting excited about. 

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