Michael Bisping Gets Revenge On Dan Henderson at UFC 204

It was a close, bloody match.


UFC 204 went down hard in Manchester, England Saturday night. It wasn’t a massive affair involving a marquee name like Conor McGregor, but it was intense, solid fighting. The biggest toll was taken on the men with perhaps the most to lose, middleweight contenders Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson. 

Bisping had a title on the line, as well as his wounded pride from his legendary 2009 matchup with Henderson, when the older fighter absolutely cleaned his clock in epic style. Henderson, like an old gunfighter, wanted to go out on a victorious high note before limping off into the sunset.

Henderson entered the Octagon a 46-year-old man with a ton of fight left in him. It certainly showed—he managed to flatten his younger opponent and also bust Bisping’s forehead wide open.

However Bisping had superior recovery ability. In round 2 he mostly dominated, though Henderson took him down again. 

By round 3 the Bisping who went up against and beat Anderson Silva in a February, 2016 UFC Fight Night match was on full display. Bisping has great recovery power and it showed throughout the match.

In the end the men fought a full five rounds and Bisping was the winner. 

It was also Henderson’s final match, and his sign-off was a model of good sportsmanship and dignity.

It was damn good for an “old” man. 

Dan Henderson can relax into being a legend now.