Watch UFC Fighter Ion Cutelaba Hulk Out During ‘Fight Night’ Weigh-In

That’s dedication and a lot of green paint.

Unlike Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, Moldovan UFC light heavyweight Ion Cutelaba isn’t a household name to MMA fans. In his weigh-in for UFC Fight Night 96, however, Cutelaba showed he had a McGregor-like flair for the dramatic.

In keeping with his nickname, “The Hulk,” Cutelaba went to the trouble to coat his 6’1″, 200-plus pound frame with green body paint, then dramatically tore his shirt off in true Hulk style when he stepped on the scale. 

It was a creative display of MMA fighter bravado that might have been funny in hindsight if Cutelaba lost his match against Jonathan Wilson—but he won the fight with a unanimous decision

We’d like to see how he’d handle himself against the Iranian Hulk—Hulk vs. Mega-Hulk, maybe—but since that guy is off fighting ISIS, we’ll just have to wait.