UFC Fighter Says Justin Bieber Would Kill it at MMA

He may have taken too many shots to the head.

bieber UFC getty.jpg

When UFC fighters are doing press for upcoming fights, they get asked about all kinds of nonsense.

Urijah Faber, for example, was recently asked about the dust up between Nate Diaz and Justin Bieber while plugging his upcoming bout with Dominick Cruz at UFC 199. He said something diplomatic about how it benefits the sport when big time celebrities pay attention. And then he said this:

“This is all relative to him learning the sport but a guy like that has confidence. That’s the biggest part of our sport, is self-confidence, and self-belief. So, yeah, I think Bieber would be good.”

“Now, we have to learn a hard lesson of what you need to do, of course, but I heard he trains with Floyd so, why not? I’m not someone to tell someone else that they’re going to get beat up. That’s a very personal thing, and we can test it out by throwing him in a cage. Bieber might be able to kick everyone’s ass. Probably not, but …”

Yeah, we’re going to go with probably not.

Bieber likes to hang out with tough guys and pose like a tough guy, but when it comes to actually being a tough guy, he tends to let others do the dirty work.