Under Control

Up your scores and frag their faces off with these proper gaming peripherals.

Enjoy Stick

Maneuvering a jet responsibly at 600 knots takes your entire hand, not just a thumb. So set aside your stock Xbox 360 or PS3 controller and upgrade to this bad boy. Cyborg F.L.Y. 9 Flight Stick is wireless and features a lap mount. It’s the best wingman since Captain Morgan. 

$100, cyborggaming.com

Battle Ax

Shredding on Guitar Hero is a lot like dry-humping: feels rad, lacks reality. The 360/PS3 game Power Gig: Rise of the SixString not only requires you to strum actual chords, but its “controller” is a 100 percent legit guitar that you can plug into any amp and wail on. All you need now is a drummer who sleeps on your floor (with your girlfriend). 

$180, powergig.com

Speed Racer

Like a $282,000 Scuderia, the Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit (for PS3/PC) sports a five-position Manettino dial and metal shift paddles. Its magnetic resistance brake pedal adds to the realism.

Not included: Ferrari maintenance bills—and girls riding shotgun. 

$250, red-collection.thrustmaster.com

Arcade Spitfire

Being old-school doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up on your PS3. Modeled after the Super Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet, Hori’s Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX is guaranteed to deliver beaucoup one-ups. Its nine customizable buttons can be set to three turbo speeds. No quarters required. 

$300, hori.jp/us

Communication Shakedown

Houston, we have an ass clown?! No problem. The best part of Tritton’s AX 180 wireless headset isn’t the stereo sound or hassle-free pairing with Xbox 360, PS3, and PCs; it’s the portable control unit, a remote that lets you quickly adjust audio levels on the fly. If some n00b you wasted in Halo won’t stop bitching, just crank up the soundtrack. 

$150, trittontechnologies.com