This Website Reveals Everything Netflix Has to Offer Everywhere in the World

With 130 countries, it’s the most comprehensive movie search engine you’ve ever seen.

uNoGS lets you search Netflix worldwide

Now that Netflix is available in 130 more countries, you may want to know what’s available where. The Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search is here to help.

On the straight and narrow, it’s a great way to see what Netflix has to offer in your country. For instance, perhaps you’re in the mood to see some vintage Jackie Chan. Not the really rough old stuff or polished new stuff, but the solid ones in the middle. Do a search on his name, set the parameters as 1985-95 and you’ll find six titles. We highly recommend The Legend of Drunken Master, which is apparently available in 10 countries.

The uNoGS filter interface
The uNoGS filter interface (Photo:

Why do you want to know what’s in other countries? Rather than just looking up interesting stats—like the fact that Guatemala offers almost twice as many movies as France—there are those who might, how shall we say, be so interested in viewing a particular title/series that they would go through the trouble of faking their country to try to fool Netflix and gain access.

Whether or not your goal is to skirt international copyrights, this site is a great resource. You can search by country, quickly filtering what shows and movies have recently been added. Furthermore, you can see what’s new within the last 24 hours, 5, 10, 20 or 30 days. (Just in case you miss our monthly heads-up.) And best of all, the individual title pages link you right to Netflix’s site for easy streaming.

Given its potentially nefarious nature, we’ll see how long this site lasts. But at least for the time being, stock up on popcorn, search away and have fun.