Usain Bolt Ate One Thousand McNuggets at the 2008 Olympics

And with that, our Olympic dreams are still alive.

In Usain Bolt’s technically falsely-titled new book “Faster Than Lightning,” the gold medal sprinter claims that during the ten days he was in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics (You know, the one where he won three gold medals?) he ate 1,000 chicken McNuggets. That’s 100 McNuggets per day, a pace that only a man completely obsessed with pace could possibly contend with.

So let’s do some math (not us, of course, but the calculator app and the Internet combined) about the Bolt’s praiseworthy efforts. According to the McDonald’s site, a ten piece box of McNuggets breaks down to 470 calories – about 47 calories per nugget. That’s 4,700 McNugget-derived calories a day (and 47,000 all told) – almost double the amount of calories a normal person is supposed to ingest all day. We’re also reasonably sure that 100% of your daily intake should not come from assorted chicken parts, breaded and fried in boiling oil. Before the games were over, Bolt also would have consumed 1,800 grams of fat, 90,000 mg of sodium, and enough grease to ShiaLaBeouf-ify at least forty ShiaLaBeoufs.

So hats off to you, Usain. You’ve pushed the limits of the human body yet again and made everybody (including Ronald McDonald) vomit with admiration.

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Photos by (Photo: John Thys/ AFP/ Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013)