Usher’s Interactive Video for “Chains” Makes It Impossible to Look Away

The video uses facial recognition software to address police brutality. 

Rarely does a video come along that is all but impossible to turn away from — not because it’s entertaining, but because the knot in your stomach won’t allow it. Today Usher debuted his new song “Chains” featuring Nas and Bibi Bourelly and the video for it is an interactive experience that uses facial recognition software to challenge viewers to not look away from the horrifying details of recent police brutality in a very literal way: the song will pause if you look away from your screen.

The video is currently being hosted by Tidal, which is a subscription service, but they’re making this specific video available to anyone and everyone. 

“I chose to introduce the song through the ‘Don’t Look Away’ experience because it is important not only to feel the issue but to face it,” Usher said in a statement. “The pain and suffering that these victims and their families have endured is something we must never forget. When we look away from this problem it gets worse. To fix it, we have to face it.”

The single for the first time at the upcoming Tidal X 1020 benefit concert next week at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, with all of the proceeds from the single going towards a social justice organization.

Click here to watch the video on Tidal.