“Veronica Mars” Web Series On The Way! Let’s Revisit Kristen Bell’s Maxim Cover

Because, any excuse, really.

So, apparently there used to be this TV show called Veronica Mars, or something, about a high school detective, that got canceled? We’d never really heard of it, it sounds kinda crappy.

*listens to the sound of Reddit exploding*

Kidding! Just kidding. We are very aware of both the enormous amount of love out there for Veronica Mars and our own very personal love for star – and former Maxim cover girl – Kristen Bell. It was due to this unfettered adoration that we’re soon to be getting a Veronica Mars movie, since the Kickstarter campaign to fund it rapidly became one of the most successful ventures in the crowdfunding site’s history.

But that’s not all! Series creator Rob Thomas announced last night that there will also be a web spin-off show, courtesy of the CW. Hardcore fans might be a little thrown by the actual description, however:

Thomas clarified in a later tweet that the show will follow a version of actor Ryan Hansen as he makes the rounds in Hollywood, trying to pitch a spin-off TV show about his character, Dick Casablancas. Meta enough for you, Internet?

There’s no word yet as to whether Kristen will definitely be appearing in the show, but as ever, we live in hope. In the meantime, you can always revisit Kristen Bell’s Maxim cover shoot. Enjoy, Cloud Watchers!