This Guy Made an Extremely Accurate Sculpture of Eminem’s Face

This takes fandom to a new level. 

Poor Eminem. He didn’t listen to his Mom’s advice when she told him “if you keep making that face, it’s gonna stay that way,” and now a superfan has made it so. Aleksander Walijewski ​— a 23-year-old graphic design student from Poland — crafted what some might call the most accurate looking sculpture of Eminem’s face ever. You can tell by this behind-the-scenes video that he’s quite talented. 

In an interview with MLIVE, the artist says he hopes Eminem sees the sculpture online and likes it enough that he’ll want to meet up with Walijewski so he can gift him the bust. 

“I was inspired by him performing at concerts, and from the beginning I knew that this pose (that I presented in sculpture) would be perfect because it’s dynamic and full of energy, just like him on stage,” he goes on to say. “I also wanted to show the focus and tension on his face, it’s like one of those moments when he looks at the crowd that is screaming his name.”

Love is blind.

h/t Complex