Vibrating Panties Prank Goes Hilariously Wrong After Hot Girl Orgasms In Front of Boyfriend’s Mom

You’ve gotta see this to believe it.

An adventurous young woman learned the hard way that she shouldn’t wear vibrating panties while trying to make a good impression on her new boyfriend’s mom. 

In a recent viral video posted to YouTube, prankster Ryan Hamilton had his smoking hot (and incredibly game) girlfriend try on a pair of vibrating panties, which are operated by remote control. 

Just after she tries them on, the couple (supposedly!) realizes they are late for dinner with Ryan’s mother, and they dash off the pick her up. 

His girlfriend, regrettably, apparently forgot to change out of the underwear… and that her boyfriend had held onto the remote control.

As she drives the car to dinner, with Ryan’s mom riding shotgun, Ryan decides to have some fun with his their toy. 

See how long she makes it without losing her damn mind in the video above.