Vice Cream: 3 Boozy Ice Creams For A Brain-Frozen Buzz

Cure your Monday blues and lower your core temperature in one shot.

It’s the Monday after a long weekend, and it’s also hot as balls. Luckily, these liquored-up treats will cure your depression and lower your core temperature in one shot. You’re welcome.


Each serving of this booze-infused ice cream delivers a full cocktail. Scoop up a Grasshopper or Brandy Alexander and lick responsibly. $28;

Brewer’s Cow

Delivered in six-packs, this hoppy ice cream comes in flavors like Bavarian Beer Brittle and Ten Penny Beer Nut Parfait. It tastes delicious, but be warned: it makes beer pong really, really sticky. $48;

Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream

With flavors like Chocolate Cabernet and Peach White Zinfandel, this wine-infused frozen treat ensures you slurp ice cream the classy way. $5.99;

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