Watch Danny McBride Go Bonkers in Hilarious ‘Who Shot Gamby’ Trailer for ‘Vice Principals’ Final Season

“When I find that son of a bitch, I’m going to shoot him in his dick.”

On the night that Danny McBride’s outrageous HBO comedy Vice Principals was born, it died. Last summer, at the premiere of the first season, the actor told Variety that the show would only be two seasons, each nine episodes long. 

“We just wanted to make a really long movie,” McBride said, “It’s one school year and a complete story. This was an old screenplay that Jody [Hill] and I wrote back in 2006. But we needed it to be longer so we added and reworked it and broke it up into 18 segments.”

With nine episodes in the books, the final nine shows are set to premiere on September 17. And now HBO has put out a new trailer that promises as much insane humor and over-the-top violence as season one, as Neil Gamby, McBride’s character, tries to find the person who tried to murder him. 

It’s probably a good thing that Vice Principals is only going two seasons. The show is well-made, but like his legendary minor-league Kenny Powers, McBride’s character is kinda one note. And after 18 episodes, the schtick of a shit-talking dickhead who works with kids would probably get old. 

To his credit, McBride has been stretching a bit lately. His most recent film, Alien: Covenant, is worlds away from the R-rated comedies he usually appears in. 

But fans shouldn’t worry too much. McBride’s next few roles are in comedies. First, there’s the James Franco-directed Zeroville, followed by Arizona and The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter, which he wrote with Jody Hill, the same mad genius he teamed up with to write Vice Principals, Eastbound and Down and McBride’s severely underrated debut, The Foot Fist Way