Did Victor Cruz’s Fiancé Own His Side Chicks in a Massive Group Text?

It sure looks like it!

The text starts “Hello ladies…” and it only gets worse from there.

Obtained by MediaTakeout through an “anonymous tipster,” the message below was supposedly sent by Victor Cruz’s fiancé to a group of ladies he’d been communing with on the road. It’s the relationship equivalent of a decleater

Careful: this tea is hot. 

If you’re looking to feel sorry for anyone here, may we suggest fiancé Elaina and not Victor. Anyone dumb enough to keep the proof of his philandering on an easily accessed phone is going to get caught sooner or later.

Cruz hasn’t played yet this season and even once his knee is better he might continue missing time. It’s a long recovery from an ego bruised this bad.

Photos by Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images