Meet the Victoria’s Secret Model Who’s Also a Muay Thai Master

Gracie Carvalho don’t play.

Gracie Carvalho is a 25-year-old Victoria’s Secret model. For now, she makes a living by being beautiful, but she’s got a backup plan in case her face is mangled in freak zipper accident: Muay Thai.

The Brazilian model currently uses Muay Thai to help her maintain the tiny figure she needs to keep her job. But she’s not just kicking air or one of those creepy torso punching bags. She’s fighting real dudes. 

Backstage at a recent fashion show, Carvalho revealed that she loves to fight and told TMZ, “I go all the way to Thailand sometimes to train with guys.” 

Carvalho’s got proof of her Muay Thai skills all over Instagram. What’s clear by watching her train is that while she might primarily be doing this for a workout, she actually enjoys kicking ass. Just look at those kicks. Even if you’re into toes, you wouldn’t want to take one of her feet to the face. 

on Aug 14, 2015 at 10:18am PDT

Photos by Kevin Mazur / FilmMagic