What’s The Deal With All These Women Orgasming at Theme Parks?

A very important investigation.

We’re about to call some serious When Harry Met Sally bullshit on this one. The Daily Dot did some deep digging into the bowels of YouTube and uncovered a surprising amount of footage depicting women seemingly getting off on the popular slingshot ride. You know, the one that catapults you through the air and sometimes snaps, leaving you dangling like helpless bait on a fish hook

Naturally, we had to see for ourselves.

Alright, this certainly sounds convincing. But what could possibly be bringing them to such great heights of pleasure? Is that tiny strap between their legs magic?


Or this one for example. You’ll notice around the 1:35 mark she says “that was like the best sex ever!”. Like. As in, “similar to.” Not actual sex.

This woman’s deep breathing seems more like fear of falling to her death than climaxing.

What we’re getting here is basically just a bunch of women screaming. Out of excitement? Out of anticipation? Expressing sheer enjoyment, even? Oddly, all similar sensations we experience during sex. Hm.

After careful investigation of the clips in question, we’re ready to say no, they’re not orgasming. Perhaps they’re playing it up for the camera, or just, you know, making sounds, as humans are wont to do.

Either way, I wouldn’t start stockpiling slingshot tickets just yet.