Vin Diesel Wants to Blow Your Mind with His Upcoming EDM Track

Oh, we’re serious.

Credit – Left: Youtube, Right: Getty

Vin Diesel, fresh off The Fate of the Furious huge box office showing and about to go big again as Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, is ready to unveil his talents in a different medium—electronic dance music.

After publicly saying he could take The Rock in a fight, Diesel is looking to take on the world of EDM in a collaboration with Steve Aoki that he announced in a recent interview with the LA Times. Aoki himself commented that their new “monster track” will “blow people’s minds.” After seeing the high-water-mark of stunts raised yet again in The Fate of the Furious, that might not even be hyperbole.

This is not Vin’s first crack at music since he infamously tried rapping over an Arthur Russell track back in 1986…

And let’s not forget that time he taught us all about the streets when he busted out his sweet, sweet pop-and-lock routine, complete with track suit and uncharacteristic fro.

No word on when the track will become available for public consumption, but we’re definitely excited to hear Vin’s attempt at the dial-twisting, button-pushing, beat-pumping world of EDM. The real question is whether or not Vin plans to personally score the next Fast and Furious movie. 

We’re guessing that’s a big yes.