Vin Diesel Releases Video Hinting He’ll Tell ‘Everything’ About ‘Fast 8’ Tension

The franchise star breaks his silence on his ‘Fast 8’ beef with The Rock.

After Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ranted on Instagram that his male Fast 8 co-stars were “candy asses,” TMZ reported that Vin Diesel was the alleged “chicken shit” object of Johnson’s rage. 

We were expecting these chrome-domed strongmen to duke it out like Dom Toretto and Luke Hobbs did in Fast Five, but not quite. Vin Diesel has, however, hit back (sort of) with a cryptic Instagram message of his own.

In the rambling video above, Diesel gives some tangentially-related anecdote of his daughter learning to say the word “happy,” before leaning forward and ominously whispering, “I will tell you everything… everything!”

Oh shit. 

Here’s Dwayne’s most recent post addressing the conflict—sort of—in case you need to be brought up to speed on this Fast and Furious friction. 

h/t TMZ


Thomas Freeman