Vince Neil Faces Assault Charges Related to Bizarre Video Of Him Struggling With Nic Cage

The rocker’s next tour stop could be jail.

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If you recall this deeply strange “only in Vegas” TMZ video back in April, there’s probably no shock in the news that Motley Crue bad boy Vince Neil is facing misdemeanor battery charges and up to six months jail time. That’s for the skirmish that saw him being bro-hugged into submission by unexpected bro Nicolas Cage (who knew these guys were pals?)

TMZ reports Neil has been charged with assaulting a woman who approached him for an autograph. This wasn’t just a shoving match, either. According to the celebrity gossip site, Neil “went off (…) grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to the ground.”

While Neil’s defense is the woman was aggressive and he was simply trying to push her out of the way, Las Vegas law enforcement tipsters told TMZ there is surveillance video suggesting otherwise. 

Frankly, Cage’s demeanor in the video also suggests otherwise—while it appeared at first as though Neil was fighting with the Academy Award winner, repeated viewings seem to show a more level-headed Cage attempting to keep his buddy from getting into any more trouble. 

While Neil has had run-ins with the law that make new allegations unsurprising, we’re still chewing over the fact that it looks like Cage is the kind of pal whom you’d want around if things get hot because he’ll try and get you to turn the temperature down. Vince Neil a hothead? Sure. Nic Cage a chill bro who cares? You bet. 

h/t TMZ