Vinny Guadagnino’s Guide To Hosting a Dinner Party

The Jersey Shore alum throws a big fat Sunday dinner, Staten Island style.

Photo Courtesy of MTV

Immediately Assault Their Talk Holes.

“From the second guests walk in, my family’s like, ‘Have a seat, have some wine,’ and we start shoving things in their mouths until everyone feels comfortable and opens up.”

Encourage Gambling.

“Instead of worrying about awkward silences before the food comes out, put cards or a dartboard out and people will gravitate toward those games natu­rally. It’s good to keep people active until they’re occupied with eating.”

Keep the Conversation Light, Stupid.

“It’s a cliché, but don’t talk politics or religion. If my grandma hears you missed church on Sunday, she’ll have a heart attack.”

Don’t Turn It Into Top Chef.

“Sometimes people try to get all fancy when they’re having guests over for dinner, and then everyone just ends up eating the salad.”

Have a Bed Ready.

“If a guest gets too drunk, put them in a bed with a glass of water nearby and let ’em pass out. Usually someone will wake up at our house the next morning in their boxers, and my aunt is waiting to serve them eggs in the kitchen.”

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