This Fat Dancing Football Player Is No Football Player at All

Don’t believe the sites. This viral video isn’t all it’s made out to be. 

America, you’ve been duped. The video below, featuring a uniformed pituitary case dancing his giant ass off during Arena Football League halftime show, is a lie.

Here’s the truth: That lineman-looking dude is no lineman at all. He’s a dance instructor named Oscar Hernandez and he’s been working with NBA and NFL dance teams for over a decade. What he has not been doing is rushing the edge to try to sack the quarterback. The jersey, the shoulder pads, the entrance halfway through the dance as if he’d just come out of the locker room—it’s all a ruse to convince you that he’s a player. 

Some outlets have noted that Hernandez is not on the Arizona Rattlers roster. The Washington Postalerted us. But many others have fallen for the hoax. It’s too bad, because in this case it’s better to know the truth than to continue living in the darkness. Think about it: Hernandez is built like a 18-wheeler and he’s made a career teaching women the size of his femur to do moves like this: 

That’s way more impressive than some dancing lineman.