Viral Musician To Watch: Mark Gormley

This guy is redefining the music video as we know it

Um, excuse me, music business? May I please refer you to a new talent on the scene? It’s singer-songwriter Mark Gormley from Pensacola, Florida, and he is, hands down, a GENIUS!  If he hasn’t already been booked by SXSW, they need to get on it before he gets too big.  Not only does he sing and perform his own music, but he has his own videos as well, and they are incredible.  This is somebody’s dad most likely…and he’s about to get real famous on YouTube. That poor kid.  Anyway, I think I really need to also preface this by saying: this one was made in 2008. I mean, he’s no Jan Terry, but at least she was doing her thing in the 80’s!  She has some kind of excuse! Gormley, you are a legend in the making.  Please don’t stop.

This song is called “Without You” and it is…INTENSE.