A Wagyu Beef-Infused Manhattan Is the Meaty Cocktail You Never Knew You Needed

We’re not joking.


Cutting into a premium marbled wagyu steak, somewhere inside the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas ideally, is the height of luxury. But make your wagyu habit even more particular and rarified with a motherfucking Wagyu Manhattan cocktail, courtesy of Morimoto Las Vegas in the MGM.

The beefy beverage is even more complicated to concoct than you’d imagine. For the “DYI” crowd, grab a spare strip of A5 Japanese wagyu (just whatever one you’ve got lying around) and grill it on medium heat for just enough time to render a fourth of a cup of its prized fat. Now, add that melted lard to some warm whisky (Japanese, of course) and let the mixture sit at room temperature for four to six hours.

(Photo: Morimoto Las Vegas)

Don’t stop there. Next, freeze it overnight and strain it the next day, preferably through a cheese cloth if you’ve got it. Once you’ve distilled your own wagyu-infused whiskey, the grunt work is over.

Simply mix all the ingredients (see below) and serve it in a rocks glass.

2 oz. of wagyu-infused Iwai whiskey
0.5 oz of walnut liquor
2 dashes of walnut bitters
1 long burnt orange peel
1 large ice cub

(Photo: Morimoto Las Vegas)

So if you’ve got two days and a Wagyu steak to spare, this meaty Manhattan from Iron Chef Morimoto will satisfy any steak hankerings while leaving you with a nice, A5 wagyu-infused buzz.

Otherwise, just ask for it next time you’re grabbing drinks at Morimoto. 

(Photo: Morimoto Las Vegas)