Wait, What? After 25 Years, Nine Inch Nails Make Network TV Debut. Finally.

Last night, Trent Reznor and Company took their act to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

A quarter century after he founded the band, Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails finally made their network television debut last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Strange, right? It doesn’t seem possible – the “band” formed in 1988 (parentheses because Reznor is NiN’s only official member), and released Pretty Hate Machine the following year, yet somehow, some way, they’ve never been the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, never played played Letterman or the Tonight Show. Twenty years. Eight albums. Weird.

Well, this drought — this long national nightmare that we didn’t actually realize existed until now — came to an end last night, when Reznor and pals tore through two tracks off Nine Inch Nails’ most recent album, Hesitation Marks. Check out the surprisingly funky but, let’s face it, really pretty disappointingly tame performances here:


After all these years, would it really be too much to hope for something that would actually give us nightmares?