A 21-Year-Old Waitress Was Reportedly Fired After Being Caught Naked in Orlando Bloom's Hotel Bed

But she doesn't regret the "night of incredible sex."
Orlando Bloom Viviana Ross

A London waitress was fired for "fraternizing with clients" after she was caught naked in Orlando Bloom's hotel room bed by her manager. 

The Sun reports that the 21-year-old Viviana Ross was serving drinks to the Unlocked actor throughout her shift on Friday night. A friend said she changed into her casual clothes after work and ran into Bloom outside the hotel.  

“They chatted and he asked her to join him in his room for a drink. Of course she said ‘Yes’."

She spent the night in his five-star suite at London's luxury Chiltren Firehouse restaurant and hotel. The Pirates of the Caribbean star left early the next morning for an interview while Ross remained in bed, where one of her bosses found her. 

“You work here?” the manager asked, to which she responded, "Yes, why?"   

The manager quickly closed the door, and Ross received a text informing her that she was fired for “fraternizing with clients.”  

Ross told her friend she was "hurt" by the dismissal, but also said she didn't regret the "night of incredible sex" with the actor, who she called an "exceptionally good lover." 

The aspiring Irish/Romanian actress regularly posts saucy pics to Instagram. By the looks of her feed, megastar Bloom might be the one who got lucky. Here's a sampling: 

h/t: Page Six