This YouTube Channel Proves That “Walk of Life” Is the Perfect Song to End Every Movie

Don’t believe us?

“Walk of Life” by Dire Straits is a fine song. I don’t actually know any of the lyrics besides “do the walk of life” and I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to it, but I do genuinely enjoy it every time I hear it — which is approximately once a year, usually over a grocery store’s sound system. 

I’ve since gained a new appreciation for it, thanks to the Walk of Life Project by Peter Salomone. Salomone, a freelance writer and video editor, hypothesizes that “Walk of Life” is the perfect song to end every movie — and he’s got the clips to prove it.

Check out the end of The Matrix with some help from Dire Straits: 

And Mad Max: Fury Road

400 Blows (“C’est magnifique!” – Truffaut’s ghost): 

And The Godfather: 

Salamone tells Maxim he originally came up with the thesis when his friend “joked that ‘WOL’ would be the perfect funeral song.” He also assured us that his enjoyment of “Walk of Life” is sincere, saying, “I really do love the song.” 

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Certainly there are some horribly bleak movies out there this wouldn’t apply to. Amour, for example. Imagine “Walk of Life” playing at the end of Amour — and dammit, that’s pretty good. 

h/t Adrian Chen