WATCH: The Walking Dead Post-Credits Scene That Will Change the Series Forever

Warning: Spoilers (as usual).

The Walking Dead”s mid-season finale was kind of a wash. With the walls breached after a bloody attack by the Wolves and Alexandria flooded with zombies, Rick and his crew were forced to take shelter in their homes and devise a way through the undead outside. There were a few interesting plot turns — Carol and Morgan fighting over the life of a lone captured Wolf, Carl and Ron fighting over Ron’s dead asshole father, and Deanna giving Rick the pep-talk of a lifetime — but the season seemed like a real downer compared to the high-intensity bloodbath of previous episodes.

Until the end, that is. Many fans may have missed a rare post-credits scene featuring Daryl, Abraham and Sasha that looks to set up the rest of the season — and, in turn, shape the future of the series. Take a look below:

Negan. That name should inspire dread (and anticipation) in any fan of the Walking Dead comics. Here’s what how I described the new foe when The Hollywood Reporter reported earlier in November that Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been cast in the role:

Readers of the comics know that Negan makes the Governor look like Mr. Chips on Xanax. The merciless psychopath, leader of The Saviors, psychologically and physically tortures Rick’s fledgling community of survivors in Alexandria for years, culminating in the capture of Rick, Carl, Maggie, Glenn, and others after a bloody battle and (spoilers) the gruesome execution of Glenn with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, lovingly named “Lucille.” Among his other crimes: psychologically breaking Carl after a debilitating injury, gutting his followers at the drop of a hat, and marching on neighboring communities like Alexander the Great. Negan, to put it mildly, is bad fucking news.

At the time, THRreported that Negan would appear in the season 6 finale. This post-credits sequence, when taken following the mid-season finale’s cliffhanger — a guts-laden sojourn through the zombie horde with crybaby Sam that will likely lead to a major injury for a major character — suggests that all roads will lead to a brutal encounter with Negan that’s likely to traumatize the group more than any previous villain.

The introduction of Negan is going to be great for fans of the series. But with our beloved Glenn only recently returned to the land of the living, it may not be great for long.

Photos by Photo: Gene Page / AMC