A Man Says He Killed His ‘Zombie’ Friend After Binge-Watching The Walking Dead

Don’t binge drink and binge-watch, please.

After watching multiple episodes of post-apocalyptic zombie romp The Walking Dead last week, a New Mexico man beat a friend to death after becoming intoxicated and concerned the latter was becoming a zombie, NBC News reports.

According to police, 23-year-old Damon Perry consumed “multiple” 40-ounce bottle of malt liquor while watching multiple episodes of the AMC show on Netflix. Grants Police spokesman Moses Marquez says Perry attacked 23-year-old victim Christopher Paquin after Paquin attempted “to bite him.” 

Perry reacted by “brutally beating” Paquin with, among other things, an electric guitar, kitchen knives, and a microwave. 

“It was one of the absolute worst [crime scenes] I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been with the department for 15 years,” Marquez toldThe Daily Beast.

Damon Perry (Image courtesy Grants Police)

Two maintenance eventually subdued Perry and called the police after he began chasing other tenants of the low-income housing complex with scissors, at one point forcing a woman to lock herself in her apartment after Perry followed her brandishing a knife.

This isn’t the first zombie apocalypse scare in recent weeks: An Aer Lingus flight to Dublin made an emergency landing after a passenger “ran amok” and biting a passenger before dying while restrained, although the cause of his meltdown was revealed to be the narcotics hidden in his stomach. And how could forget 2012’s face-eating “Miami zombie” attack.

Don’t expect “Netflix and kill” to become an epidemic anytime soon — even Perry knows that booze is the rea; culprit here. “He seems remorseful,” Marquez toldThe Daily Beast. “He’s had the time to sober up and realize what has happened, and he has expressed remorse.”

Photos by Photo: Gene Page / AMC