Walmart’s Irritating Balls, & 4 Other Things You May Have Missed!

Social media commentator Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending this week. [August 3 – August 9]

1] Here is a new, super stupid trend that’s started on Vine – jumping into the bouncy ball pits at Walmart.

Watching this has really made us question our decision to install that venomous snake pit in the middle of our office.

2] The “Rich Kids of Instagram,” a bunch of ultra-rich douchebags who flaunt their parents’ cash on Instagram, have been given their own reality TV show.

For your own safety, stay off the roadways. All the ambulance-chasing programming executives at E! Entertainment television are speeding out of the Kardashians’ driveway, looking for the next potential worst people in the whole world to shove onto your TV screen. Three cheers for civilization!

3] In my eyes, hacky sack has never really been a spectator sport.  Then I stumbled onto this mustached, white tube sock-wearing dude and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t look away.

The last time I was that intensely transfixed to a drool state was

when I saw this…


Peyton and Eli, the Super Bowl-winning Manning Brothers, channel their inner white boy gangsta in this rap video to promote the Sunday Ticket NFL Package for DirecTV.

Instead of going the typical superstar athlete route of using performance enhancing drugs or murdering someone, the Mannings have chosen to disgrace themselves by rapping, which is a pretty effective technique – just ask

Jim McMahon and the 1985 Chicago Bears


5] Her is a new movie by Spike Jonze, starring Joaquin Phoenix as a lonely oddball who finds synthetic love in the form of a Siri-like computer generated voice.

We can’t wait for the part where the guys at the Genius Bar try to help him get his penis out of the USB port. That…that’s a thing that happens to everyone, right?

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