Wanna Play Strip Maxim Madness Bracket?

That was probably a stupid question, wasn’t it?

That was probably a stupid question, wasn’t it?

We thought so. Sign up here on SI.com and match your b-ball predicting powers against three Maxim models’. Fill in your bracket and join the Maxim Madness group to be eligible for our sweet contest. Here’s how:

Once you’re logged in, click on “My Groups,” and then click on “Join Private Group.” Submit the following information:

Group name: Maxim Madness

Group Password: gomax2013

Check in after each round to see the results! The person with the most points at the end of the tournament will get to play Maxim photo editor for a day by choosing who’s Inside Maxim‘s Sack! The second place winner will receive a print or digital subscription, and the third place winner will win one of these sweet Maxim t-shirts. Meanwhile, the model with the lowest points after each round removes an article of clothing. There are six rounds, and these ladies aren’t wearing a lot of clothes to begin with, so no matter how your picks do, everybody wins!

These are the contest rules.

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