Want To Know How To Get A Date With Ring Girl Jade Bryce?

She’ll be happy to tell you! (Warning: May involve you having to jump off a bridge).

She’ll be happy to tell you! (Warning: May involve you having to jump off a bridge).

Due to guest spots on radio shows like Howard Stern, numerous celebrity friends, and Playboy photos, Jade has an impressive 38,000 Twitter followers (her tip to anyone who wants to add more peeps: “Be funny! People love to retweet what makes them laugh.”) Good news, though, guys – she’s open to meeting people via Twitter, too. “Every friend I met in Los Angeles, I found via Twitter! I have dated from there too. It’s 2013, so why not? They used to say there’s six degrees of separation, but with social media, I feel like there’s only two. Often times when I do meet someone off of Twitter, we end up having the same mutual friends, so I can check them out a bit!”

Jade has pretty high standards when it comes to finding a guy, however, so you better have your shit together if you want to date her. “I have six traits I want to see in a man, starting with having faith in life – that pushes me forward and up. Also, a charitable heart—all I want to do is make a difference in the world for children. If I’m going to have a partner, I need him to be on the same page, because otherwise, it will just slow me down. I want someone who’s going to make me up my game. Number three: I love to dance, especially to the blues and swing—he doesn’t have to be good at it, but let him want to try! The fact that he would be willing to do that shows me that he doesn’t care what others think, but is willing to do it just to be with me. And that’s all I care about! Number four: Make me laugh! The best thing in life is humor; it makes you forget everything.  Number five is, have a desire for travel! I love seeing the world. It would be great to have someone to do that with.”

Last but not least, Jade wants you to be in great shape. “As an avid hiker, I want to be able to be physically active with my man—be it kayaking, camping, even jump off bridges! Someone who can’t do that, what are we going to do in our spare time? It’s a daily thing for me.” Having also done Insanity and Brazilian Butt Lift, Jade likes women to look good, too. “I appreciate beauty in a woman. Whenever I see a girl with a pretty face, I always check to see what her butt looks like. If she doesn’t have a butt, I am instantly not attracted. I work on glutes a lot.”

Check out Jade Bryce’s 2013 calendar – 20 per cent of the proceeds go to St. Jude’s Hospital! And remember Spike TV airs Bellator MMA every Thursday night.

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