A Shark Took a Bite Out of Warren Sapp and He Lived to Tell the Tale

It seems the former NFL player tried to snatch the wrong lobster.

Hall of Fame defensive end and occasional prostitute employer Warren Sapp got nipped by a shark while on a fishing trip this week. An avid fisherman, the longtime Tampa Bay Buc essentially lives on the water, and this time one of the animals he was pulling from the ocean decided to fight back.

Sapp wasn’t actually looking for sharks when he was bitten, but was on a lobstering trip in the Florida Keys. Though it seems he wasn’t the only one down there interested in lobsters.

“It’s simple. He was lobstering with me and a shark bit Sapp while he was grabbing the lobster. He’s OK,” charter captain Jack Carlson told the Tampa Bay Times.


According to another witness, Sapp was reaching for a lobster in about nine feet of water when a small nurse shark, only four feet long, decided it wanted the crustacean for itself.

And so a battle ensued. On one side, a man. On the other, a shark. In the middle, a lobster they both wanted to eat. While Sapp emerged from the water with the lobster, the Shark, he said on Twitter, was the true victor.