‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Fans Wonder If Thanos Was Right All Along

Find out why people are siding with the supervillain in weirdest Avengers debate ever.


Just in case it wasn’t obvious, we’ll start this post with a SPOILER ALERT. Read on and you will have parts of Avengers: Infinity War reveled to you, which you deserve if you clicked on this post without having seen the movie. 

Those who have seen it know that Thanos, the block-headed super villain played by Josh Brolin, has one primary objective in the movie: To kill half the universe so all the people who are left will be better off.

Think of it, in a universe that is over-crowded and under-resourced, culling the population by half will bring things back into balance. No more famines becuase there are half as many people who need to eat. No more environmental catastrophes because there are half as many people using resources and creating pollution. 

And the only downside is that a shitload of people have be killed at random. And all of those who are left have to dispose of their bodies. It’s a pretty big downside, but it’s not big enough that some people didn’t come away from the movie thinking, “Hmmmm, maybe Thanos was right.”


Of course, all of these people are wrong. And Thanos is too. Why? Because instead of using the infinity stones to wipe out half of universe’s population, he could have use them to make sure everyone had infinite turkey sandwiches to keep them fed. 

These people get it:


Where do you stand on this important issue?