Watch All the Super Bowl Commercial Teasers

Plus, one ad that CBS refuses to air.

Plus, one ad that CBS refuses to air.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the forthcoming sporting event known as the Super Bowl, and perhaps you are also aware that the commercials that air during this event are as highly anticipated as the game itself. Well, here’s a preview of what you can expect from this year’s ads, which Hulu has compiled into this handy little video player that updates automatically each time a new trailer is released. Highlights (so far) include promos for Audi,, and Volkswagon. Check back here to catch additional teasers as they become available between now and game day.

Also, we just learned that a surprisingly mild Super Bowl ad submitted by has been rejected by CBS on the grounds that network standards “do not permit advertising related to pornography.” Scroll down for that teaser—because if there’s one thing our standards permit, it’s anything related to pornography.

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