Watch Anthrax’s Scott Ian Transform Into a ‘Game of Thrones’ White Walker

If you thought he looked weird before, check out this freaky makeover.

Scott Ian.jpg

Anthrax frontman Scott Ian recently met up with Game of Thrones prosthetic makeup designer Barrie Gower to discuss the creation of White Walker ruler, the Night King, as well the production of last year’s episode eight of season five, “Hardhome.”

The billy goat-bearded thrash metal legend then underwent a freaky prosthetic transformation himself to become the “first American White Walker.” By the end of the makeover, Ian ends up making a pretty convincing walker from the North.

The video, part of Ian’s “Bloodworks” series on makeup and special effects, also contains a fascinating discussion about Game of Thrones lore, makeup application and CGI animation on the HBO fantasy series. 

And if you’re an Anthrax fan, even better.

h/t Nerdist