Watch a Beautiful Woman Transform into Walter White in This Instructional Video

YouTube really is the best/worst thing ever.

Meet the beautiful mastermind behind SmashinBeauty, a website we’ve never heard of – because we only read manly things! About fly fishing and football and cigars! – but which appears to specialize in beauty tips for the ladies.

Except, you wouldn’t know she was beautiful judging from the above image. But in this mildly horrifying but pretty amazing tutorial, she demonstrates how a woman can transform herself into the spitting image (well, kind of) of Breaking Bad antihero Walter White, just in time for Halloween. Apparently all it takes is a shit ton of makeup and a steady hand – no masks or prosthetics, unless you count the facial hair. Oh, and possibly some black magic. Because, whoa!

Watch the clip above and then send it to your girlfriend and tell her to get on it ASAP. If she can nail this look between now and the end of October, then you two can go to a costume party – her as Walter, you as Jesse Pinkman (or Hank, if you’re kind of a fatass) – and be the most awesome couple ever. Just remember that if you go as Jesse, it’s not a license to call your girl a bitch. Women hate that.