Watch the Best 2014 Super Bowl Commercials (Before the Super Bowl Even Happens)

Anna Kendrick, the Muppets, and a Maxim Hot 100 vet make the list.

The only relief for a non-football fan who has been dragged to a Super Bowl party by their friend/spouse/kidnapper is the ads that break up the action. The perennial water cooler topics used to have to wait until the big night for their reveal. But not anymore! The biggest commercials that will premiere during Sunday’s game are already making the rounds on the interwebs. Here’s a look at what you will see on Sunday – because only a sucker waits for the actual game.

The Muppets take a spin

Terry Crews and the Muppets have jumped on board with Toyota for a classic semi-disastrous sing-along with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. If that’s not reason enough to take a test drive, we’re out of ideas.

Anna Kendrick contemplates her hotness

This almost-ad (that we’ve fawned over before) made us almost-fall in love with Anna Kendrick even more.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes a call

While Diet Mountain Dew might sound like an oxymoron, we’d gladly switch to the soft stuff if it meant being able to summon a donut-ing Dale Jr.

Stephen Colbert’s crunchy vision for America

While this is just a teaser for Colbert’s ad, we would be remiss in leaving Maxim’s former Hot-lister off the list. 

Bud pulls at your heartstrings

Goddammit, Budweiser. This is a football game, and now our new girlfriend has seen us heaving-crying while trying to say, “The pup and the horsey just want to be fwiendsssss.” Thanks a lot.